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Official Annie Little website.  Actress, voice coach, singer-songwriter, and model.  Check out Annie's performances and music and book a lesson today.  

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About Annie

Annie studied at the University of Utah on a Vocal Performance scholarship before moving to Los Angeles where she went on to be the voice behind television and radio commercials for major brands.  Her voice and songwriting were integral to the initial launch of the Amazon Kindle.  She has spent many years studying with top vocal coaches and continues to further her studies at the Institution for Vocal Advancement (IVA).   

About the IVA technique

The IVA technique is based on 17th and 18th Century principles of singing developed by the Old Italian School of Singing.  Annie's goal is to train voices to sing in a free and natural manner, smoothly, from the bottom of the range to the top with no breaks or sudden changes in quality. Training in this technique gives the singer access to all dynamics, with tonal clarity and flexibility. Also, training in this technique helps improve a singer’s range, endurance, stamina, breath control, resonance, vocal strength and vocal quality across all styles of music without fatigue or damage to the voice.  We accomplish these results by training the singer to find a balance between airflow and intrinsic muscular resistance, all within a resting laryngeal posture. 

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