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Studio City - Los Angeles Voice coach.  Teaching vocal technique for all styles of music and all levels of singing.  Questions about singing lessons?  Call 323-251-5467.  

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We love it. We get to express ourselves. It feeds our souls. It’s fun, and it feels good.  

The problem is that somewhere along the way, our body gets in the way


Singing exercises our heart and lungs, and releases endorphins, making us feel good!

You want to hit that high climactic note, and your voice cracks or you squeeze the living daylights out of yourself trying to hit it. 
I can show you how to blend your high and low voice, so you don’t have to pull up your bottom voice to reach those high notes.  You’ll have vocal presence without strain. 

Maybe it feels like you have two different voices.  One low and one high and there is a big break in the middle.
I’ll show you exercises that build strength and coordination in the middle of your voice so you smooth out that connection between the bottom and top.  It will start to feel like you’re singing with one voice.   

Or, your voice feels breathy and weak, instead of full and clear.
I’ll show you how to sing more like you speak.  My aim is for you to be able to access to all dynamics in your full range, with clarity and flexibility.    



Want more details?

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Download my Voice Coaching Handbook that includes:

  • How It Works

  • ALVS Methodology

  • Required Lesson Materials

  • Policies



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