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Studio City - Los Angeles Voice coach.  Teaching vocal technique for all styles of music and all levels of singing.  Questions about singing lessons?  Call 323-251-5467.  

What to Expect

What to expect at your first lesson

Discovery and Vocal Assessment:

  • We’ll discuss your pastpresent and future training, performances and goals.

  • I’ll ask you questions about your vocal health and lifestyle as it pertains to your voice.

  • I’ll listen to your voice and assess the quality of your range from bottom to top, so I can hear how it’s functioning mechanically.

Set Goals:

  • We’ll talk about what vocal challenges you’re having and what’s causing them. I’ll make this easy to understand and not too technical. We don’t have to go all into the vocal science to set some solid goals.

Make and Initiate a Plan:

  • I’ll prescribe exercises tailored specifically to improve your voice. I’ll record these exercises for you during your lesson so you know what to practice at home.

  • If you bring in a song, I can show you how to apply those exercises to the song and improve your performance.

  • Go over vocal health tips and voice care, including ways to soothe a tired voice.


I will help you uncover your authentic and true voice and teach you to use it with ease and presence.