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Studio City - Los Angeles Voice coach.  Teaching vocal technique for all styles of music and all levels of singing.  Questions about singing lessons?  Call 323-251-5467.  


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NPR: From Upspeak To Vocal Fry: Are We 'Policing' Young Women's Voices?

Annie Little

Fascinating interview on Fresh Air about women's voices and how we are perceived because of they way we speak.  I personally like the idea of not being imprisoned by my voice.  In other words, I like having a choice in how I speak and that I don't just speak a certain way by default or because I don't know any other way.  Vocal training gives us choices.  I know for myself that working on my singing voice has improved my speaking voice and vice versus.  And, maybe it's not about controlling the way other people perceive us, but more that we have some choice in the way we feel about how our own voices.