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My Top 10 Favorite Singing Related Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now!


My Top 10 Favorite Singing Related Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now!

Annie Little

It’s 2019 and there are literally a BILLION Instagram users.

It’s safe to say that’s a lot to choose from, so I’m sharing with you a curated list of my top 10 favorite singing related accounts to follow. Big following or not, they all provide valuable content, they show up consistently, and I think you’re going to love them just like I do.

Because I don’t know about you, but when I’m on my IG feed, I either want to laugh, learn, or get inspired!

Who’s on yours? Let me know in the comments below! Would love to hear from you and discover your favorites too!



the balanced singer.jpg

1. The Balanced Singer

The Balanced Singer 🎤
Making sense of singing
Empowering singers with big dreams ⭐️
Your personal vocal coach! 🎵

If you want to learn more about all things singing, The Balanced Singer is your one stop shop. They are putting out killer content daily in their feed and stories. These guys and gals are colleagues of mine from the Institute for Vocal Advancement, and they know their stuff. They’ve got over 70 years of teaching experience between them and are putting out high quality information from video tutorials about how to be a better singer to tips on how to achieve your goals. Click that “follow” button. You won’t regret it.

modern singer.jpg

2. Modern Singer

Build Your Career and Have Fun Doing It #modernsingermag

I’m a little newer to discovering the Modern Singer, but it was love at first sight. They consider themselves a lifestyle magazine for today’s artist and they definitely live up to it. They cover everything the modern musician and singer needs in their tool belt like motivational articles, entrepreneurial tips, and a healthy dose of other fun, valuable content. I haven’t seen anything else out there like them. They are absolutely worth checking out.

valerie morehouse.jpg

3. Valerie Morehouse

My podcast is LIVE with Tom Ellis as our first guest! Link below
Vocal coach to Sia, The Chainsmokers, 5SOS, Noah Cyrus, and many more...

Another one with an impressive client list, and was the vocal coach to the actor/singers on the former hit TV show Nashville, Valerie Morehouse is definitely one to keep up with in the singing community. She also recently launched a podcast called LipRoll, which brings me to number 4!

(Valerie will be a panelist at Vocal Masterclass: A Conference For A Cause coming up June 21-23 in Los Angeles.)


4. LipRoll

A New Podcast by
Hosted by Valerie Morehouse
Everything you didn’t know about your voice.
Subscribe: Apple, YouTube + Spotify

“Valerie Morehouse, a celebrity vocal coach (Sia, The Chainsmokers, Ozzy Osbourne, Jeff Bridges and more) is joined in each episode with world class musicians, songwriters, actors, and more to discuss how they use their voice to build and sustain an influential platform in a creative industry with a landscape that is always changing and evolving”. (Excerpt from the LipRoll website.) The episodes are really personal and valuable in terms of hearing real artists’ journeys. It’s a window into the reality of the music business and singing for a living.

Reena Gupta.jpg

5. Reena Gupta

Laryngologist (voice physician) and Laryngeal surgeon, caring for professional voice users.

Los Angeles based laryngologist Reena Gupta is one of the best voice doctors I’ve come across. She is connected to the singers community and shares a lot of really cool stuff on her feed. Hopefully you don’t get freaked out seeing pictures and videos of vocal folds healthy and not so healthy. Vocal health is not something to be ignored. Every singer should get a baseline strobe even if they are totally healthy. If you’re in the LA area Dr. Gupta is teaming up with Mindy Pack for a three day Vocal Masterclass: A Conference For A Cause coming up June 21-23 in Los Angeles. Valerie Morehouse (number 3 above) will also be a panelist.

wendy parr.jpg

6. Wendy Parr

Vocal Coach to @reginaspektor @sarabareilles @littlebodybigheart @lynngvnn @themidnightofficial @morgxnofficial @theaces Founder of @theartistscircle

With a client list like Wendy’s, it’s easy to see she’s got her finger on the pulse of how to help artists find, express, and use their voices in a healthy and powerful way. I would not only follow her on IG, I’d sign up for her newsletter to stay in the loop with her latest blog posts and other news. Wendy also founded The Artist’s Circle which sounds amazing. It’s a safe and supportive community for artist’s and people who work with artists. There are events in various cities with guest speakers, challenging exercises, meditations, and a place for artists of all levels to connect with one another. It’s definitely worth checking out everything Wendy has to offer on IG and signing up for her newsletter. And, PS, she recently relocated to Los Angeles, so lucky us West Coasters.

natalie weiss.jpg

7. Natalie Weiss

💁‍♀️ NYC-based performer/vocal coach!
🎼 Founder of#BreakingDownTheRiffs
📺 Bachelor nation fan!
💄 Hoarder
🥞 Enthusiast

First of all, Natalie doesn’t take herself too seriously, which I love. Prepare yourself for some good laughs when she shows herself making mistakes or singing out of tune. But don’t let that fool you, she is a true professional. She posts awesome videos of herself teaching and performing. You can learn a lot just by watching her teach others. You must also check out her YouTube channel (HERE) and watch her Breaking Down the Riffs videos. She has a unique way of teaching riffs and they are great fun to learn and practice. I had the opportunity to take a Riffing class with her online and she was awesome and so fun to work with! She is such an incredible singer with a beautiful voice. I’m a total fan.

Allie Tyler.jpg

8. The Whole Voice

Allie ⏃Voice Empowerment Coach
Discover your voice | Express from within 🙏🏼
↠ self care singing
↠ breathwork exercises
↠ alignment practice
↠ self love daily

Voice Empowerment Coach Allie Tyler is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Her posts are packed with inspiration, education, and honesty. She’s got a beautiful voice and her approach to the voice is from a place of self-love and care. While she’s full of the warm fuzzies, she gets down to business and shares tons of valuable content including warmup exercises and tips on mindset. She’s such a treat to have in my IG feed.


9. Vocal Foundations

Specialist Singing Training
Specialist vocal coach to singers + songwriters with in-person & online singing lessons. 14 years experience in anatomy and physiology based training.

Greg van Bergen is a vocal trainer, performance coach and owner at Vocal Foundations in Australia. He shares consistently great information about singing and performing that is inspiring, thought-provoking, and educational. Any singer who is serious about his or her craft will enjoy and get value from his posts.

Nicolette Maas.jpg

10. Nicolette Maas

Vocal Coach 🎤 | Nicolette Maas
Opera ➡️ Contemporary Vocal Coach
⁣B’way Enthusiast🎭
Chicago 🏙
I teach ONLINE 💻⁣📱

Last but not least, Nicolette Maas is another one who puts out valuable content that’s educational and inspiring. Her thoughtful posts say a lot about her and I’m quite sure she is loved by her students. I like her approach to technique. She’s confident and seems to be able to back it up by getting good results from her singers. I enjoy the clips she posts of herself teaching as well as her honest posts about life and her thoughts about singing.

Jolene Harju Madewell.jpg

Bonus: Jolene Harju Madewell

🌵| Austin, TX
📽| Skype Lessons: Effortless Playing Through Self-Awareness
💻| Practice Room Revelations Blog
🎨| DM to Purchase the Flute Garden Print!

Jolene Harju Madewell is a flutist, but even though I’m a vocalist who’s never played the flute for more than a few minutes in a music store, I still love seeing her posts in my feed. She’s got an incredible disposition and her content provides value to any musician, flutist or not. She also paints beautiful pictures you will love.



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